Student Chapter of IEEE ( Institution of Electronics & Electrical Engineering, USA ) is very active in the campus. The student chapter maintain an IEEE library. Several IEEE transactions and Magazines are being subscribed in the IEEE library. The IEEE student's chapter frequently conducts technical seminars, paper contests, workshops, training programmes etc. Student members are also actively participating in the paper contests and conferences conducted by various other IEEE student branches. There is a Staff advisor to monitor the activities of the student's branch.

 IEEE student chapter activities


The Institution of Engineers (India) has Students Chapters all over India. The NSS College of Engineering membership is open to all students. The Students Chapter at this Institution has a total strength of about 1000 members. In recent years this chapter has been arranging the following programmes.

* Industrial/ Field visit for students
* Seminar/Symposium/ Technical paper sessions
* Personality development programmes
* Other academic and cultural programmes for students

Last grand celestial event of the year 2019, ‘ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE’ was live observed by the students of Institution of engineers India Electrical Chapter of NSS College of Engineering on 26th December 2019. The eclipse began at around 8:06am and ended by 11:09am.The max magnitude of the eclipse- the ring of fire, was observed at 9:28 am. It was live observed by nearly hundred students and staff members, through the Sun Projection box, which was build under the guidance of Experts from Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi.

Below pictures the phases of solar eclipse captured during the live observation

 IEI - Report 2020-2021

 IEI - Report 2021-2022


ISTE PALAKKAD CHAPTER Indian Society for Technical Education, Palakkad Chapter has been established in the Year 1973. From its inception, the society has been playing a key role to propagate and promote academic and co-academic standards in the Institution. Regular activities organized by the chapter help the members to gather and exchange ideas associated with Technical education. The members of the chapter have represented Kerala section, so also in the National Committee of ISTE. From the year 1985 onwards, the institution consistently offers short courses and training programmes to enable the concerned to review and update their knowledge as well as database. Performance appraisal and development systems, communication skills, creativity and leadership qualities are frequently the topics of discussion in the regular meetings. Lectures by external faculty from reputed Institutions in and around the State has added effectiveness to the result oriented venture of the chapter.

Institution's Innovation Council(IIC)

IC is a unique initiative of MoE's(Ministry of Education) Innovation Cell and is different from other existing models, It aims at streamlining and strengthening the Innovation and startup ecosystem in Higher Education Institutions. IICs is a faculty-experts-student council which takes on multiple activities to promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship round the year. IIC’s objective is to prepare the students with skills like critical thinking, Design Thinking, Innovative thought process and Entrepreneurial mindset

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