Details of Patents Granted/Published/Applied till April 2023
SI No Title of Invention Name of applicant Application No/Ref No, & Date of filing/Date of publication
1 “LPG Cylinder Carrier and Stair Climber”
(A device for carrying LPG Cylinder to upper floor through stairs easily without much effort)
Dr.Vinod V., (Professor, MED), Sreesankar, Sravan K K, Sreedhar N V, Sonu M, Sujeeth Kumar (Students, MED) Granted Indian Patent- patent No. 426561 Dated 23/3/2023
Indian Patent Application No.1394/CHE/2015 A, 20/03/2015
Published in Indian Patent Journal, Publication date 30/09/2016
Page no. 69814
2 “Human weight operated coconut dehusking machine”
(A device operated using leg to dehusk a coconut with very less effort)
Dr.Vinod V., (Professor, MED), Anuvind Ajit, Alvin Sebastian , Amal Monsi, Anandakrishnan G ,Akhil PK (Students, MED) Indian Patent Application No.CBR No.29652,
E-Ref No. 2/2858/2019-CHE,
Application No. 201941036766
A Published in Indian Patent Journal No. 38/2019 dated 20/9/2019 page 4334
3 Pro Hands- Article Holding Device Jithin Babu., Jaishnu Padman(MED) Granted Indian Patent- patent No. 426561, Dated 23/3/2023
Application No. 5666/CHE
Date of filing of Application: 21/10/2015 Publication date 6/11/2015 Page no. 59782
4 An electronic Multi handicap Aid (This innovative project was granted Rs 2 Lahks by Startup mission, Kerala for making Prototype) Muhammed Saheer(EC) E-2/391/2018-CHE Application no. 201841004760 Date of filing of Application: 8/2/2018
5 A Portable Sterile Enclose for Surgical procedures Dinoj Joseph (MED) Tamp/E-1/33248/2018-MUM, Application No. 201821030523, Date of filing of Application: 14/8/2018
6 “Huxley Compact Private Vehicle” (This innovative project titled guided by Dr. Vinod V and Fayad S. From Dept. of Mechanical Engg has also received a project grant of Rs. 8,80,000/- by order no. 737/2017/KSCSTE dated 28/10/2017.) Fayad S. (MED) E-2/3094/2017-CHE, Application no. 201741037309 Date of filing of Application: 23/10/2017
7 “A system and method for measuring an amount of fuel consumed and present in a cylinder” (E Stove-An electronic smart cooking gas stove which display the consumption and remaining amount of LPG in a cylinder and do automatic booking) Dr.Vinod V., (Professor, MED), Saheer M (Student, ECD) Granted Indian Patent- patent No. 402939 Dated 03/8/2022
Indian Patent Application No.CBR No.25843 E-2/2531/2019-CHE Application No. 201941032331 dated September 09, 2019 Published in Indian Patent Journal No. 39/2020 dated 25/09/2020, page 42932
8 “Kitchen Sahay-Easy Coconut Scrapper”
(A portable and safer device used to scrap coconut without effort)
Dr. Vinod V (Prof., MED, Sadasivan M (Individual) Indian Patent Application No.CBR No.33249 E-2/3199/2019-CHE
Application No. 201941041192A
Published in Indian Patent Journal No. 43/2019 dated 25/10/2019, page 50251
9 “A fuel volume measuring system for a vehicle and a method thereof “
(An on time fuel measurement and display system in vehicles)
Dr.Vinod V., (Professor, MED), Dr. Resmi G, (Professor, CED), Dr. Ramesh U., Dr. Suresh P R, (Professor, MED), Saheer M (Student, ECD), Granted Indian Patent- patent No. 397483 Dated 24/5/2022
Indian Patent Application No.202041040835 A
Published in the Patent Office Journal No. 40/2020 dated 02/10/2020, page 44587
10 Artificial Intelligence based heart rate monitoring system for sports training P Vijayakumar, Periyaswamy, B J Ananth, Revathi, Raj Kumar, C Nafi, Elayaraja, D Aeezul, C B Rajesh (Associate Prof, Dept. of Physical Education, NSSCE), M Ali, Ghantasala, Pradeep, Muruganathan, Sathiyamoorthy, Mohan,, S Mufassir, L Ahamad, Kshirsagar, Pravin R Granted Australian Patent , Patent No: 2021101272 dated 11/03/2021
11 Coating composition for a medical device surface with nanoparticles. Dr Jyothisankar P R (Professor, MED), Dr Kiron K R (Professor, MED), Dr Aneesh Kumar P(Asst. Professor, MED), Sajith V S(Asso. Professor, Mathematics), Indian Patent Application No.202241040273 A
Published in the Patent Office Journal No. 29/2022 dated 22/07/2022, page 45962