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Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics & Communication Engineering department was started in the year 1986 with an intake of 30 students. Later the intake was increased to 45. Currently the intake is 108 (Including lateral entry and fees waiver category). M.Tech degree programme in Communication Engineering started in the year 2011 with an intake of 18. The department has been backed up by efficient, dedicated and specialized faculty who have helped the department to produce outstanding Engineers. The faculty has an excellent resource profile helping them to have a very good classroom performance. This leads to creation of university rank holders almost every year. The emphasis on practical knowledge along with theory, and computer awareness has helped the acquirement of placements of the students in leading industries. The dissertation projects undertaken by students involve high level application of embedded systems, Signal processing and Communication systems.

Our Mission

  To provide an inspiring learning atmosphere which will motivate the students to undertake challenging careers in the field of Electronics, Communication and related fields, ultimately benefiting the society.
  To enhance the students with a strong theoretical foundation to pursue higher education and research in the relevant fields.
  To empower the students with the required skills for creative problem solving.

Our Vision

To be a premier department in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering that bestows knowledgeable, self-motivated engineers of global standard with professional excellence and ethics to nourish the needs of the society.

PEO 1 To enable our graduates to apply sound technical knowledge acquired during their course to creatively solve technical problems in academic research and industrial sectors.
PEO 2 To inculcate technical and professional skills for pursuing postgraduate studies from reputed institutions in electronics, communication, and related engineering or managerial fields.
PEO 3 To equip our graduates with professional leadership qualities to coherently deliver in a team or to become a successful entrepreneurs with ethical and moral values for the betterment of the society.
PSO 1 The ability to absorb and apply fundamental knowledge of core Electronics and Communication Engineering subject in the analysis, design and development of various types of electronic system as well as to interpret and synthesize the experimental data leading to valid conclusion.
PSO 2 Competence in using state of the art tools in Electronics and Communication Engineering, both software and hardware, for the design and analysis of different system in furtherance of research activities.
PSO 3 Ability to gain technological insight for solving challenging problems in engineering systems especially in the area of Electronics and Telecommunication.

SI No Name and designation Role as a stakeholder
1 A M Prabhakaran Nair, Chief Research Engineer, Fluid Control Research Institute, Palakkad Industry
2 Dr Deepthi. P.P ( Professor, NIT Calicut) Educational Institute/Alumni
3 Dr. Asha T S Faculty
4 Dr. Binu G S HOD
5 Prof. Nandakumar P. Faculty
6 Mr. Ullaskumar Entrepreneur/Alumni
7 Ramaswamy Krishnan Chittur (Microsoft India) Industry expert/Alumni
8 Premraj. A. Prabhakaran (Neuvonix) Industry expert/Alumni
9 Krishnadas V Parent
10 Sathyanarayanan K. Parent
SI.NO Faculty Name Title Investigator Duration Amount (Rs)
1 DST-Ministry of Science & Technology Improvement for S&T Infrastructure (FIST) Dr. Sudha T 16.5 lakhs 2014-2019
2 AICTE Research promotion Scheme (RPS) Cognitive Radio: Spectrum Sensing & Reconfigurable Antennas Dr. Sudha T 10.5 Lakhs 2013-2016
3 CERD Green Cognitive Radio for “Smart” Building Environments Dr. Sudha T 40000/- 2015
4 APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University KTU/RESEARCH Application of Defected Ground Structure on Microwave Filters and Antennas Dr. Sumi M 35000/- 2016
5 CERD Secured Transaction using hidden QR code and enhanced ATM Security Dr. Sindhu R 12,510 -
6 KSCSTE System to monitor real time position of human in public transport Dr. Vijitha S 12000/- 2018
7 KSCSTE Underwater Image Enhancement using Deep learning Prof. Kala L 10,000 2019
8 KSCSTE Smart AI based detection and recognition system for visually impaired persons Prof. Prasad R Menon 10,000 2019
9 KSCSTE Automatic Helmet Detection Prof. Jyothish Krishna P G 10,000 2019

ELACSTA is the Electronics and Communication Department Students Association of NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad. It was formed in the year 2017 by the joint initiative of students, faculty and staff members of the department. The main motive that drives ELASCTA is to help the budding ECE engineers by providing a platform that will help them enrich their technical and non - technical knowledge through online channels, workshops and events.

Elacsta aims to share knowledge and working practice to make the best technology choices and bring people together under one roof of knowledge, learning and growth along with encouraging our members to push their limits in terms of skills and personality.

ELACSTA mainly consists of two sections- Technical and Non-Technical. There are several astonishing clubs under these sections.
Under the technical section comes SCINTILLA and DME.

For encouraging the students' interest in the electronics area, ELACSTA offers the club SCINTILLA. One of the main attractions of this club is electronic circuit designing. Scintilla has conducted many webinars and other workshops related to electronics.SCINTILLA is one of the main breakthroughs in ELACSTA ‘s journey.

Along with this, we have another club for Domestic Maintenance Engineering (DME) which also aims at inspiring and motivating students in the technical sector especially in the maintenance of domestic electronic equipment.

The non-technical section focuses on conducting different non-technical activities to encourage students to develop their skills and talents. Webcsta, Bibliophile, Lumos and Graffiti are the clubs coming under the Non-Technical section.

WEBCSTA is one of the astonishing platforms provided by ELACSTA for conducting webinar series where students get an opportunity to meet eminent personalities from different sectors.

For entertaining and cheering the students in the world of reading, ELACSTA furnishes a book club BIBLIOPHILE- a club to inspire and cultivate an authentic reading habit in everyone and encourage them to think critically about the words that remain carved in our hearts. This is a bewildering area for students to showcase their grasp of books. Also, the club has conducted numerous events like quizzes that linked to famous bestsellers.

Another alliance with ELACSTA is LUMOS- the club for assembling course materials for all engineering departments and for all the years. It is more like an online library to students, where they can access and read study materials mainly textbooks and other guides.

The new exciting squad that comes under ELACSTA is GRAFFITI- the platform to cheer the art skills of students. As mentioned, it is a new club, therefore, the rousing events are on the way !! The expedition of this platform is to reveal the cultural talents of enthusiastic students.

B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering Accredited by NBA

Head of the Department

  • Vinod G
  • 9447231806