About us

Working Hours Working Days 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM
Saturdays 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM
Connectivity FTTH (2 Connections) 150 Mbps
NMEICT 40 Mbps
Internet Availability Inside the campus Round the clock
Total nodes available 160
Common Internet Facility Online Examinations & Browsing 90 Desktops
Language Lab 21 Desktops
Campus Networking Fiber optic backbone provided to all buildings


CCF is managed by Campus Networking Cell (CNC). This committee manages the internet connectivity in the campus as well. IT support to the campus is provided by this cell.

Prof. Vinod G.
Associate Professor, ECE Department
Prof. Kiran V. K.
Assistant Professor, CSE Department
Co – Convener
Prof. P. Krishnaprasad
Professor, EEE Department
Prof. Sudeep U
Assistant Professor, ME Department
Prof. Surya S. S.
Assistant Professor, CE Department
Prof. Lekshmipriya J.
Assistant Professor, ICE Department
Sri. Sabarinath P.
Instructor Grade –I, ECE Department
Sri. Harish P.
Instructor Gr. II (HG), ME Department
Sri. Shibu R.
Trade Instructor Gr. II (HG), CSE Department
Sri. J. Anilkumar
Tradesman, ME Department
Sri. Praveenkumar T. M.
Trade Instructor Gr. II, ICE Department
Sri. Arun K. Krishnan
Tradesman (HG), CE Departmentt

Support staff
Sri. Ajay R. Technical support
Smt. Maya Mohan CIF Operations

Campus network

Campus Networking Cell (CNC) manages the internet infrastructure in the campus. The campus has a fiber optic backbone to provide internet facility. The institution is served by 100Mbps & 50 Mbps FTTH connectivity and 40 Mbps NMEICT by BSNL.

Virtual labs

This insititution is centre for virtual labs. (click here)

Common internet facility

Common Internet Centre houses a browsing/ online test centre with 96 computers. The centre runs on LINUX platform. Various workshops for students are conducted here. This centre also offers facility to conduct on line examinations for placement activities. Students are given limited permission to use their laptops in the facility.

Language lab

This facility is offered to students as a part of their academic activity as well as a support for students to improve their communication skills in English. ETNL Language Lab© with 20 student licenses is used for training.