The Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

The Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) in educational institutions is primarily responsible for addressing and resolving complaints related to sexual harassment and gender-based discrimination. The Committee plays a crucial role in promoting gender equality, preventing sexual harassment, and fostering a culture of respect and dignity within educational institutions.

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • 1. The ICC ensures the effective implementation of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, and Redressal) Act, 2013, or any relevant legislation or policies within the institution.
  • 2. It receives and investigates complaints of sexual harassment or gender-based discrimination filed by students, faculty, staff, or any other stakeholders within the institution.
  • 3. The ICC handles complaints with utmost confidentiality and sensitivity, ensuring the privacy and dignity of the complainant and the respondent throughout the process.
  • 4. It conducts awareness programs and training sessions on sexual harassment prevention, reporting procedures, and the rights and responsibilities of individuals within the institution.
  • 5 .The committee provides support services to complainants, including counseling, legal assistance, and other necessary resources to address the emotional and practical consequences of harassment.
  • 6. It conducts impartial investigations into complaints, gathering evidence and interviewing relevant parties to determine the veracity of allegations and reach a fair conclusion.
  • 7. ICC facilitates the resolution of complaints through mediation, conciliation, or other appropriate means, ensuring that the rights of both the complainant and the respondent are upheld.
  • 8. If the allegations are substantiated, the committee recommends disciplinary action against the perpetrator in accordance with institutional policies and applicable laws.
  • 9. It recommends and implements preventive measures to create a safe and respectful environment within the institution, including awareness campaigns, policy revisions, and institutional reforms.
  • 10. The ICC submits regular reports to the appropriate authorities, highlighting the number and nature of complaints received, actions taken, and outcomes achieved. It also monitors the implementation of its recommendations and evaluates the effectiveness of its interventions.

Members of the Committee:
Sl. No Name and Designation of the Members Role Contact Number
1 Dr. Mayadevi S, Professor Presiding Officer 9447217701
2 Mrs. Preetha Gopinath, Advocate External Member 9495529259
3 Dr. Sreelakshmi Pillai G Member 9497637659
4 Dr. Aneesh Kumar P Member 9495356626
5 Smt. Reshmi S Member 8891134857
6 Dr. Leena N Member 9447290611
7 Smt. Indu T Member 9946164660
8 Dr. Sindhu M Member 9789639439
9 Sri. Radhakrishnan P.K. Member 9495450646
10 Sri. Pradeep Kumar P Member 9447077500
11 Parvathy Manoj Student Member 9778154292
12 Sangeeth Madhav Student Member 8281386507
13 K.P Vishnu Student Member 8921333987