Anti Ragging Information

An Anti-Ragging Committee is a body typically formed within educational institutions to prevent and address instances of ragging. Ragging refers to any form of physical or mental harassment, abuse, or humiliation imposed on students by their peers, especially seniors, as a way of asserting dominance or power. It can take various forms such as verbal abuse, forced activities, bullying, or even physical violence. Additionally, the committee may establish mechanisms for students to report ragging anonymously and provide support to victims. They also collaborate with law enforcement authorities if necessary to take legal action against perpetrators. Overall, the Anti-Ragging Committee plays a crucial role in fostering a culture of respect, tolerance, and inclusivity within educational institutions.

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • 1. create awareness about the negative consequences of ragging,
  • 2. implement preventive measures against ragging
  • 3. ensure a safe and supportive environment for all students.
  • 4. Responsibilities are assigned to faculty members across various areas within the campus premises, including hostels, canteen, parking areas, different blocks, playgrounds, buses, and more.

Members of the Committee:
Sl. No Name and Designation of the Members Role Contact Number E-mail ID
1 Dr. P R Suresh, Principal Chairperson 2555900, 9447297645
2 Sreelaja Unnithan Convenor 9446631589
3 Dr. Rejani V U Co-convenor 9497637659
4 Dr. Viji Rajendran V Co-convener 9447101674
5 Head of the Dept (CED) Member 9447821372
6 Head of the Dept (MED) Member 9633694538
7 Head of the Dept (EED) Member 9447042400
8 Head of the Dept (ECD) Member 9447231806
9 Head of the Dept (ICD) Member 9496452144
10 Head of the Dept (CSED) Member 9447101674
11 Warden, College Hostel Member 9496329746
12 Administrative Assistant (Office) Member 9495450646
13 Mr. Sajesh M (ME) Member 9846444836
14 Dr. Sudeep.U Member 9818960654
15 Mr. Sreekumar.T.P (MED) Member 9495830070
16 Vice Chairman, College Union Member
17 General Secretary, College Union Member
18 Varundev-S1 CE Member 8281494299
19 Student – S5-Lekha R Varier-CSE Member 9495762448
20 Student -S5-Abhishek S-ME Member 8113922921
21 Student-Kabeerdas P- S3-ME Member 9447922601
22 Student-Aiswarya-S3- ECE Member 7736897803
23 Circle Inspector of Police, Hemambika Police Station- Member 2555208 / 9497987150
24 Tahashildar, Palakkad Taluk- Member 2536770 / 9447735012
25 Vice president PTA- Mr.K.Prasad Member 9446060103
26 Member PTA-Geetha Jayakumar Member 8547020236
27 Mr.Ajithkumar.T(Kerala Association of Cricket)- Member 2555208 / 9497987150
28 Mr.Sukumaran M.P (Malayala Manorama) Member 2536770 / 9447735012