Mechanical Measurements Lab

Faculty in Charge : Mr. Madhumohan, Assistant Professor, 9495533953,
Instructor in Charge :Mr. Manosh T I, Instructor Gr.II, 9495350895
Staff in Charge : Mr. Arjunkumar M K, Tradesman, 8113911256


  •   Dead Weight Pressure Tester-1no
  •   Thermocouple Calibration Set Up-1no
  •   Strain Gauge Load Cell Calibration Setup-1no
  •   Autocollimator-1no
  •   Rotameter Calibration set up-1no
  •   Forced Vibration Analysis Apparatus (With IMI industrial 2 pin accelerometer, DAC NI9250)
  •   Whirling Shaft Apparatus-1no
  •   Universal Speed Governor Apparatus-1no
  •   Motorised Gyroscope-1no
  •   Linear Measuring Instruments
  •   Angular Measuring Instruments
  •   Slip Gauge With Step 0.001
  •   Anemometer-1no

List of Experiments

  •   Calibration of Mechanical Tachometer Using Stroboscope
  •   Calibration of Pressure Gauge Using Dead Weight Pressure Tester
  •   Calibration of Thermocouple
  •   Calibration of External Micrometer Using Slip Gauge
  •   Calibration of Dial Vernier Caliper Using Slip Gauge
  •   Calibration of Dial Gauge Using Slip Gauge
  •   Determination of Area Using Planimeter
  •   Forced Vibration Analysis
  •   Free Vibration Analysis
  •   Calibration of Strain Gauge Load Cell
  •   Linear and Angular Measuring Instruments
  •   Checking the Cylindricity of a Specimen Using Dial Gauge
  •   Digital RPM Counter
  •   Calibration of Vernier Height Gauge Using Slip Gauge
  •   Experiment On Universal Governor Apparatus
  •   Experiment On Whirling Of Shaft Apparatus Experiment On Motorised Gyroscope