Environmental Engineering Lab
Equipments Available
UV double beam spectrophotometer Spectroquant Photometer Visible Spectrophotometer
BOD incubator Jar test apparatus DO Analyzer
pH meter Nephelometer Water still
Weather station system Electronic colony counter Conductivity meter
Fume hood Muffle furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer being procured

Consultancy Areas
Testing of the parameters cited in the facility Design and installation of effluent treatment plants
Design and installation of storm water drainage and rain water harvesting system. Investigation, planning and design of water supply schemes
Providing solutions/remedial measures for environmental issues Design and installation of solid waste management project
Environmental Impact Assessment of Projects Research on new technology in waste treatment and sustainability

List of Experiments (For IV year B.Tech students)
Physical, chemical and bacteriological analysis of water, waste water, industrial sludge and solid waste
  • Nutrient analysis of soil and compost
  • Analysis of A to Z minerals and metals in water, waste water, industrial sludge, solid waste, soil sample and compost.
Computation of climatological and hydrological parameters

Major Clients
Industries in and around Palakkad
  • Private clients