Strength of materials (Material Testing) Lab
Equipments Available
Universal testing machine Compression Testing machine Brinell hardness tester
Rockwell hardness testing machine Vicker’s hardness tester Tile flexture testing machine
Torsion testing machine Longitudinal compressometer Flow table
Vee-Bee consistometer Cement autoclave Treble pendulum impact testing machine
Vicat apparatus Torsion pendulums Spring testing machines
Air permeability apparatus Air entrainmeter Double Shear Test Apparatus
NDT - Rebound Hammer Etc.

Consultancy Areas
Testing of i. Cement ii. Reinforcing steel iii. Structural steel iv. Concrete cubes from sites v. Bricks vi. Aggregate vii. Roofing and paving tiles viii. Concrete paving blocks ix. Concrete masonry blocks x. Granite samples xi. Laterite masonry blocks xii. Ready mix mortar xiii. Ferro-cement panels Concrete Mix Design
Quality control by site visits during construction and by testing of samples collected

List of Experiments (For II and III year B.Tech students)
  • Tests on cement
a)Fineness b) Normal consistency and Setting time c) Soundness d) Compressive strength
  • Test on bricks -
a)Water absorption b) Efflorescence c) Compressive strength
  • Tests on aggregate for concrete
a)Physical Properties b) Grain size distribution c) Specific gravity d) Density e) Void ratio f) Bulking of sand g) Aggregate crushing value
  • Tests on Timber
a)Compressive strength -parallel to grain & perpendicular to grain b) Bending tests
  • Test on tiles
a)Transverse strength, b) Water Absorption of Flooring tiles, Roofing tiles.
  • Tension test on mild steel specimens using Universal Testing Machine (UTM) and suitable extensometer
  • Shear test on mild steel rod
  • Torsion test on metal rods
  • Torsion test on metal wires - torsion pendulum
  • Spring test - Open coiled springs, Close coiled springs
  • Impact test - Izod test, Charpy test
  • Hardness test - Brinell Hardness test, Rockwell Hardness test, Vickers Hardness test
  • Casting of concrete cubes & cylinders with specified proportions/mix
  • Split tensile strength of concrete cylinders
  • Compression test on concrete cubes & cylinders - Determination of Modulii of elasticity
  • Flexural test on concrete beams - Study/demonstration on Electrical resistance strain gauges, load cell

Major Clients
  • Southern Railway
  • Power Grid Corporation
  • Irrigation Department
  • PWD, CPWD, Tourism Department - building, Road, bridge, tunnel - related material testing
  • KSEB, KWA, CWRDM, AHADS, Nirmithi Kendra
  • Malabar Cements, Athulya cements
  • Local Bodies (Municipalities, Panchayaths...)
  • Private consultancy firms, Builders.