Equipments Available
Universal Triaxial Tester. Hydraulic jack 10T ASTM tests sieves
Field density apparatus Consolidation test apparatus Procto compaction apparatus
UCC test apparatus Proctor needle, hydraulic CBR testing apparatus
Shear box apparatus Liquid limit apparatus Rapid moisture meter
Cone Penetrometer Shrinkage limit apparatus Hydrometer
Abel flash point apparatus Redwood Viscometer MERLIN apparatus
Los Angeles Abrasion Testing apparatus

Consultancy Areas
Soil investigation and recommending SBC for shallow foundation Deep soil investigation
Foundation design. Compaction characteristics for soil fill (onsite as well as laboratory)
Consolidation parameters, plasticity characteristics, shear characteristics etc of soil Testing for Aggregates (coarse and fine) for road construction, railway works etc.
CBR Test for soil Design and evaluation of bituminous pavements and concrete pavements.

List of Experiments (For III year B.Tech students)
Water content and Specific gravity Grain size analysis (a) Sieve analysis (b) Hydrometer analysis
Atterberg limits and indices Determination of field density (a) sand replacement method (b) core cutter method
Determination of coefficient of permeability by a)Constant head method (b) Variable head method Consolidation test
Compaction test (a) IS light compaction test (b) IS heavy compaction test California bearing ratio test
Direct shear test Unconfined compressive strength test
Triaxial shear test Swelling Test
Tests on bitumen: Penetration test, Softening point, Ductility and Flash and fire point Design of Bituminous Mix (Marshall method)
Tests on coarse aggregate: Los Angeles abrasion test, Shape tes, Aggregate Impact Test and Crushing value Test, Specific gravity and water absorption test Functional Evaluation of Pavement (MERLIN apparatus)

Major Clients
  • Southern Railways, BSNL, Power grid corporation of India Ltd, NABARD
KWA, KSEB, Irrigation Department, Kerala PWD, Forest Department, and other State Government Departments
  • Kerala State Housing Board, Housing Board,
  • Local self Government Departments (LSGD) and Pvt-Builders