2018-22 Batch B.Tech

  1.  Advanced AI Techniques to Inflate Agronomy 
  2.   Building a Product Recommender System Using Knowledge Graph Embedding and Graph Completion  read more >>

2017-21 Batch B.Tech

  1.  Wild Animal Intrusion Detection and Alert System  read more >>
  2.  Anti Money Laundering In Bitcoin Using Machine Learning  read more >>
  3.  Video Summarization Using Key-Frame Captions 
  4.  Virtual Agent Assisted VR shopping Experience With Product Level Customization and Tailored Recommendations  read more >>

2016-20 Batch B.Tech

  1.  Social Recommendation System Using Network Embedding & Temporal Information  read more >>
  2.  knowledge Based Recommender System for Community Question Answering  read more >>
  3.  Anomaly Detection in IoT Infrastructures using Federated Learning  read more >>
  4.  malayalam To English Bidirectional Neural Machine Translator  read more >>