Program Educational Objectives

PEO 1 Graduates from Electronics and Communication Engineering will be able to apply the theory and laboratory practices learned during their education to creatively solve technical problems in industrial sectors.
PEO 2 Our graduates will be able to accomplish higher studies and pursue research in electronics, communication and related engineering or managerial fields, from reputed institutions. 
Our graduates will have professional leadership to coherently deliver in a multidisciplinary team and domain or become successful entrepreneurs in life, who ensure ethical and moral comportment in society. 

Program Specific Objectives

PSO 1 The ability to absorb and apply fundamental knowledge of core Electronics and Communication Engineering subject in the analysis, design and development of various types of electronic system as well as to interpret and synthesize the experimental data leading to valid conclusion. 
PSO 2 Competence in using state of the art tools in Electronics and Communication Engineering, both software and hardware, for the design and analysis of different system in furtherance of research activities. 
PSO 3 Ability to gain technological insight for solving challenging problems in engineering systems especially in the area of Electronics and Telecommunication.