Building System and construction Modeling Lab
Equipments Available
Computer integrated sound level meter Computer integrated Lux meter
Sound Level Meter-hand set Lux Meter-hand set
Kodak C 330 and C 530 Digital cameras Astra Soil Block machine
Models of various civil engineering structures and components
Consultancy Areas
Noise measurement Acoustic design of auditoria
Lighting level analysis Highway lighting
Lighting design Feasibility testing of stabilised soil blocks
List of Experiments (For I year B.Tech students)
  • Setting out
  • Plumbing
  • Demonstration of various types of bond in masonry
Surveying Lab
Equipments Available
Total Station Electronic Theodolite
Vernier Transit Theodolite Dumpy Level
Quick Setting Level (Auto Level) Hand-held GPS
All types of Minor Instruments used in Surveying. Software for Total Station Computations-e-Surveying
Consultancy Areas
Plotting , Area measurements, Contouring, Highway/ Bridge Alignment, Setting out works of Buildings, Bridge Piers, Towers, etc. using Total Station Repairing/ Servicing of Surveying Instruments
Georeferencing using GPS
List of Experiments (For I and II year B.Tech students)
  • Plotting & Area Measurement using Chain Survey
  • Plotting & Area Measurement using Compass Survey
  • Plotting & Area Measurement using Plane Table Survey
  • Levelling - Fly Levelling, Profile Levelling, Cross- sectioning, Contouring
  • Computation of Heights & Distances, Curve- setting, etc. using Theodolite
  • Study of Total Station, GPS, Minor Instruments, etc.
Major Clients
olice Department -Traffic safety studies
  • Town planning Department - Junction improvement proposals
  • Irrigation Department - Canal alignment, Design of hydraulic structures
  • PWD, CPWD, Tourism Department - Road, bridge, tunnel alignments
  • KSEB, KWA, CWRDM, AHADS, Nirmithi Kendra - Setting out works
  • HPCL, FCRI - setting out, contouring...
  • Malabar Cements, Athulya cements - Layout preparation
  • Local Bodies (Municipalities, Panchayaths...)
  • Private consultancy firms... -Setting out,.. contouring.
Strength of Materials and Concrete Lab
Equipments Available
Universal testing machine Compression Testing machine Brinell hardness tester
Rockwell hardness testing machine Vicker’s hardness tester Tile flexture testing machine
Torsion testing machine Longitudinal compressometer Flow table
Vee-Bee consistometer Cement autoclave Treble pendulum impact testing machine
Vicat apparatus Torsion pendulums Spring testing machines
Air permeability apparatus Air entrainmeter Etc.
Consultancy Areas
Testing of i. Cement ii. Reinforcing steel iii. Structural steel iv. Concrete cubes from sites v. Bricks vi. Aggregate vii. Roofing and paving tiles viii. Concrete paving blocks ix. Concrete masonry blocks x. Granite samples xi. Laterite masonry blocks xii. Ready mix mortar xiii. Ferro-cement panels Concrete Mix Design
Quality control by site visits during construction and by testing of samples collected
List of Experiments (For II and III year B.Tech students)
  • Tests on cement
a)Fineness b) Normal consistency and Setting time c) Soundness d) Compressive strength
  • Test on bricks -
a)Water absorption b) Efflorescence c) Compressive strength
  • Tests on aggregate for concrete
a)Physical Properties b) Grain size distribution c) Specific gravity d) Density e) Void ratio f) Bulking of sand g) Aggregate crushing value
  • Tests on Timber
a)Compressive strength -parallel to grain & perpendicular to grain b) Bending tests
  • Test on tiles
a)Transverse strength, b) Water Absorption of Flooring tiles, Roofing tiles.
  • Tension test on mild steel specimens using Universal Testing Machine (UTM) and suitable extensometer
  • Shear test on mild steel rod
  • Torsion test on metal rods
  • Torsion test on metal wires - torsion pendulum
  • Spring test - Open coiled springs, Close coiled springs
  • Impact test - Izod test, Charpy test
  • Hardness test - Brinell Hardness test, Rockwell Hardness test, Vickers Hardness test
  • Casting of concrete cubes & cylinders with specified proportions/mix
  • Split tensile strength of concrete cylinders
  • Compression test on concrete cubes & cylinders - Determination of Modulii of elasticity
  • Flexural test on concrete beams - Study/demonstration on Electrical resistance strain gauges, load cell
Major Clients
  • Southern Railway
  • Power Grid Corporation
  • Irrigation Department
  • PWD, CPWD, Tourism Department - building, Road, bridge, tunnel - related material testing
  • KSEB, KWA, CWRDM, AHADS, Nirmithi Kendra
  • Malabar Cements, Athulya cements
  • Local Bodies (Municipalities, Panchayaths...)
  • Private consultancy firms, Builders.
Geotechnical Engineering and Roads Lab
Equipments Available
Universal Triaxial Tester. Hydraulic jack 10T ASTM tests sieves
Dessicator Consolidation test apparatus Procto compaction apparatus
Field density apparatus Proctor needle, hydraulic CBR testing apparatus
UCC test apparatus Shrinkage limit apparatus Liquid limit apparatus
Shear box apparatus Triaxial compression testing apparatus Rapid moisture meter
Abel flash point apparatus Redwood Viscometer Etc.
Consultancy Areas
Soil investigation and recommending SBC for shallow foundation Deep soil investigation
Foundation design. Compaction characteristics for soil fill (onsite as well as laboratory)
Consolidation parameters, plasticity characteristics, shear characteristics etc of soil Testing for Aggregates (coarse and fine) for road construction, railway works etc.
CBR Test for soil Design and evaluation of bituminous pavements and concrete pavements.
List of Experiments (For III year B.Tech students)
Specific gravity of coarse and fine grained soils Grain size analysis (a) Sieve analysis
  • Atterberg limits and indices
Determination of field density (a) sand replacement method (b) core cutter method
  • Determination of coefficient of permeability by
      a)Constant head method (b) variable head method
Consolidation test
  • Compaction test (a) IS light compaction test (b) IS heavy compaction test
  • California bearing ratio test
  • Direct shear test
  • Unconfined compressive strength test
  • Triaxial shear test
Tests on aggregates: Los Angeles abrasion test, Shape test.
Tests on bitumen: Penetration test.
Major Clients
  • Southern Railways, BSNL, Power grid corporation of India Ltd, NABARD
KWA, KSEB, Irrigation Department, Kerala PWD, Forest Department, and other State Government Departments
  • Kerala State Housing Board, Housing Board,
  • Local self Government Departments (LSGD) and Pvt-Builders
Environmental Engineering Lab
Equipments Available
UV double beam spectrophotometer Spectroquant Photometer Visible Spectrophotometer
BOD incubator Jar test apparatus DO Analyzer
pH meter Nephelometer Water still
Weather station system Electronic colony counter Conductivity meter
Fume hood Muffle furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer being procured
Consultancy Areas
Testing of the parameters cited in the facility Design and installation of effluent treatment plants
Design and installation of storm water drainage and rain water harvesting system. Investigation, planning and design of water supply schemes
Providing solutions/remedial measures for environmental issues Design and installation of solid waste management project
Environmental Impact Assessment of Projects Research on new technology in waste treatment and sustainability
List of Experiments (For IV year B.Tech students)
Physical, chemical and bacteriological analysis of water, waste water, industrial sludge and solid waste
  • Nutrient analysis of soil and compost
  • Analysis of A to Z minerals and metals in water, waste water, industrial sludge, solid waste, soil sample and compost.
Computation of climatological and hydrological parameters
Major Clients
Industries in and around Palakkad
  • Private clients
Consultancy Areas
AutoCAD, Microstation, MS-Office, Matlab, Grapher/Sigmaplot Autocivil, SAP, STAAD, ANSYS, NISA, GTSTRUDL
Water CAD, Flow Master, EPA NET, Geo4, Inroads MS-Project
List of Experiments
Hands-on training in the following areas of civil engineering application software:
  • Surveying - Terrain mapping, computation of areas and volumes - Estimation of earth work
Structural Engineering - Plane and space frames (steel and R.C.C), spread sheet development for design of R.C.C/ steel structural elements.
  • Water resources - Circular Pipe Analysis / Trapezoidal Channel Analysis, analysis ofpipe network for water distribution
Geotechnical engineering -stability analysis of slopes, computation of foundation settlement and stresses on layered soils, Geotechnical design of anchored and free retaining walls, Analysis and design of pile foundations.
Road/railway system - Fixation of vertical / horizontal alignment of highways, Design of rigid and flexible pavements.
Environmental engineering - Pipe Network Analysis.
Estimation and costing - Use spread sheet / any standard software for estimation.
Project management - PERT and CPM, project scheduling, managing and documentation, Network Analysis.
Structures Lab
Equipments Available
Loading frame (200 kN) and Accessories Universal Testing Machine (1000 kN) Compression Testing Machine (2000 kN)
Bond wrench testing apparatus Concrete Permeability apparatus Profilograph
Consultancy Areas
Testing of construction materials Capacity verification of hydraulic jacks
Tension test on High Voltage tower suspenders Test on structural elements and models
List of Experiments (For M.Tech students)
Testing of RCC under reinforced and over reinforced Beams
Shear tests on RCC Beams Strain gauge measurements
Seminar Hall
Drawing Hall