• The activities of the College are guided by governing body, formulated by the management of Nair Service Society, located at Perunnai, Changanacherry, Kerala. A committee of Head of Departments (HOD) with 3 elected members of faculty is formed as Advisory Board to the Principal of the institution for each year called College Council. They must discuss frequently and debate on how to plan activities and improve working of the college. The College Council meets at least once in a month or as and when it is necessary.

    Principal as the head of institution and heads of the department provided the leadership and motivation for pursuit of excellence with the spirit of team work. Policy discussions are taken in meetings of Heads of Department and to staff in department meeting total transparency is maintained. At department level, faculty meetings are held to monitor department activities. All faculties who contribute to achievement of goals and objectives are honored in faculty meeting.

    Members of Governing Body
    Chairman :

    Sri. G . Sukumaran Nair
    Governing Body, N.S.S College of Engineering
    Palakkad - 678008

    Secretary :

    Dr. Suresh P.R.

    Nominee AICTE :

    To be nominated by AICTE

    Nominee University :

    To be nominated by APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University

    Nominee Government :

    Addl Secretary(G/J)
    Higher Education Department Government of Herala



    1. Dr. Sindhu R
    Dept. of Electronics & Communication Engineering

    2. Sri. N. Balagopal
    Assistant Prfessor
    Dept. of Computer & Science Engineering

    Nominee Trust


    1. Shri. M.M Govindankutty
    Manghat House, Manghat Lane
    Kadavanthara-Kaloor Road , Kadavanthara PO - 682020
    Kochi Kerala

    2. Sri M.P Udayabhanu
    Mavulla Parambath, Chendayad P.O
    (via) Panoor, Kannur- 670692

    3. Adv. A. Suresan
    Allathu Veedu, Anthikad P.O
    Thissur- 680641

    4. Adv. K.K Menon
    Uppumpadam, Kinassery P.O, Palakkad

    5. Dr. Gopinatha Pillai
    Seceratry, Nss Colleges Central Committee

    Academician/ Technologist :

    Sri. P.N Suresh
    Edayaranmula, Pathanamthitta

  • Name DESIGNATION Mobile
    Radhakrishnan.P.K Administrative Assistant 9495450646
    Ravindran.N.V Senior Superintendent 9446790549
    Pradeep Kumar S Junior Superintendent 9495051725
    Raghunandanan E.P Chief Accountant 9497355287
    E.P.Suresh Cashier 9447353678
    Sreekumar P S Senior Clerk 9645589470
    Ajith Kumar.P Senior Clerk 9544190445
    Anilkumar A Senior Clerk 9567227332
    R.Muraleedharan Pillai Senior Clerk 9447136276
    Gopakumar.R Senior Clerk 9995200161
    Girish.B L D Clerk 9895009541
    Vinod K Nair L D Clerk 9656563300
    Sudish Kumar.K L D Clerk 8891647557
    Santhosh Kumar L.P L D Clerk 9846932337
    Baiju K L D Clerk 9447526841
    Pramod K L D Clerk 9847950659
    Manoj Kumar N L D Clerk 9497355254
    Rajagopalan K L D Clerk 8089404895
    Viswanathan.V.R Steno Typist 9847848224
    Renuka C.R LD Typist 8281082854
    Prakash C Office Attendent (HG) 7034425124
    Sreeraj K Office Attendent 9495078725
    Nisanth K A Office Attendent 9497295839
    Sanathanan C Office Attendent 8289945520
    Prasad Chandran Office Attendent 9747719982
    Suneesh Kumar M Office Attendent 9745235740
    Vinod K Office Attendent 9446877131
    Sibi Menon G Office Attendent 9020357120
    Sandeep K.S Office Attendent 9947871511
    Akhilesh Ravi C Office Attendent 9496950544
  • Anti Ragging Information

    Ragging is defined as any conduct by any student or students whether by words spoken or written or by an act which has the effect of teasing, treating or handling with rudeness a fresher or any other student. The rudeness includes demanding money or articles, asking to write the assignments of senior students. Further details are available at www.aicte-org.

    This is to make very clear that a fresh student have every right in the college and they should desist from doing anything against their will even if ordered by the seniors, and that they have nothing to fear as the institution cares for them and shall not tolerate any atrocities against them.

    Any inconvenience met by a fresher (mental or Physical) by any student inside or outside the college campus will be treated a raging. Fresher may inform such inconvenience immediately to the group tutor or any member in the antiragging committee or to any staff in college (teaching, non teaching or office staff) either directly or by phone. The matter will be treated confidential and strict action will be taken immediately by the authorities against the culprits.An antiragging committee comprising of professors, teaching staf ,non teaching staff police personnel and ,student representatives is constituted to take care of the cases of ragging. An antiragging squad is functioning in the college for making frequent inspections in vulnerable areas like college hostel. NSS college of Engineering is committed to ensure a ragging free environment.

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  • Disciplinary Action Committee

    Every student is required to observe discipline and decorous behaviour. Any act of indiscipline, misbehaviour and unfair practice in examinations will be referred to the Disciplinary Action Committee (DAC). Malpractices in examinations shall be viewed seriously and any such incident observed or reported by a faculty member or an invigilator associated with the examinations shall be reported to the Principal who in turn shall refer it to DAC. On the basis of the report and evidence available or gathered, DAC shall immediately initiate an enquiry giving the concerned student a chance to explain his/her case. Based on this the committee shall recommend the course of action in line with the guidelines formulated for this by the Controller of Examination of the University and forward it to the Principal for action. Actions are to be based on the severity of the offence and are to be dealt with, on a course basis. Guidelines on this will be given by the Controller of Examination which is to be followed by the Disciplinary Action Committee of the college. The student may appeal to the Grievances and Appeals Committee for a relook on the matter. Based on the committee’s report, the Principal will take a final decision on the matter.

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        Grievance Redressed & Appeals Committee  

    The college has a Grievances Redress Committee constituted by the Principal to address the grievances of the students and to consider their appeals on any decisions made by the college. This committee consisting of at least three faculty 16 members and chaired by a senior professor shall look into student’s grievances and appeals and give its recommendations to the Principal for action.

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      Student's Welfare Committee  

    The college has a Student’s Welfare Committee, constituted by the Principal of the college. This committee will have at least three faculty members as members and the chairman will be a senior faculty member in the rank of a Professor. This committee is entrusted with the task of looking after the welfare of the students by taking appropriate steps with the concurrence of the principal.

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      Committee for Discrimination Against Any Community or Category of Students  

    The College have constituted Committee for Discrimination Against Any Community or Category of Students as per the regulations of AICTE and APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University.

        Committee for Internal Compliance     The College have constituted Committee for Internal Compliance as per the regulations of AICTE and APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University.
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    Committee for SC/ST The College have constituted Committee for SC/ST as per the regulations of AICTE and APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University.
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    Lahari Virudha Club Committee (LVC)
    The college have constituted Lahari Virudha Club Committee (LVC)  as per the direction from DTE and APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University (KTU)
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    College Maintenance Cell
          Internal Quality Assurance Cell     Central Purchase Commitee